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How to get a European citizenship

Everyone wants to get a European citizen because if you have a European citizenship then you can travel anywhere in European Union without a visa. To get the citizenship you have to live in the country for a certain time period and have to become eligible for getting the citizenship. There are Three ways to get European citizenship.

You can get Cyprus citizenship through a property investment of 2,000,000 euro.

European citizenship

  1. Investment: One of the easiest ways of getting the second passport is citizenship by investment. The Government of Europe is also offering this program to the immigrants to come and live in Europe. There are different investment options to obtain European citizenship for different European countries. For example
    • You can get Bulgarian citizenship by investing 512,000 euro in Government bonds.
    • To obtain citizenship in Malta you can donate in NDSF; for main applicant it is EUR 650,000, children below 18 and spouse EUR 25,000 each and further adult dependents EUR 50,000 each. Investment in Government bonds: EUR 150,000. Investment in property: EUR 350,000.
    • For antigua and barbuda citizenship You can invest USD 400,000 into a real estate project. You can also donate USD 250,000 into National Development Fund. You also can invest USD 1,500,000 into approved business etc.

By this method you can also get the citizenship of Germany. Germany also provides citizenship to the individuals who had been dispossessed of their citizenship because of cultural, political and religious matter under its special citizenship project.

Investment for european citizenshipYou can get your second passport the EU in hardly any time and at a minimal cost if you have the right descent and credentials.

  1. Descent and ancestry: this one of the easiest and cheapest way of getting European citizenship. You can easily get European citizenship if you have parents or your ancestors from Hungary, Poland, Italy, Ireland, and other country. For example, if you can prove that you have your parents or your grandparents from Poland that you will easily get the citizenship of Poland.
  2. Naturalization: this is a process which any one can do to get the European visa. In this you have to stay in a country continuously for a fixed number of time and after that you can apply for European visa through naturalization. Belgium is the country which just needs 5 years of residency to become eligible for applying for European citizenship.

These are the ways by which you can easily get a European citizenship.