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All You Need to Know About Long Term Car Rental Plans

If you want to keep a personal car for a long time you have two options. Either you can buy a pre-owned vehicle which can bring trouble related to maintenance or you can buy a brand new automobile which will put a dent in your budget. However, if you want to avoid the cons of these options, you can lease a car on a yearly or monthly basis. This way you can drive your desired vehicle by paying fewer amounts. You will not have to take your car to the workshop for maintenance as these are taken up by rental agencies. If you are planning to rent a car in Bur Dubai, read the following important aspects of this option.

Long-Term Car Rental Plans

Why You Should Go For Long-Term Car Rental Plans?

  • You can easily drive a car that you cannot buy.
  • You can have a luxury car by your side whenever you want.
  • You will get a comparatively better discount on a long-term lease.
  • You can have the latest model of a famous vehicle.
  • You can get flexible installments plan.
  • You don’t have to wait for years to change make and model of your vehicle.
  • You can terminate your lease plan whenever you want.
  • You can go for an exchange policy if you want some other car.
  • You will have to pay only the price difference when you try to upgrade your vehicle.
  • You can drive a completely insured and registered automobile.

Things You Should Do When Renting a Vehicle on a Yearly Basis

If you are living in Dubai, you may have to drive around a lot to commute. The monthly plans are a bit expensive than yearly plan for the same vehicle. People who want to keep a personal car for daily use can save some money on their long-term contracts. You do not have to downgrade the make and model of your automobile just to avoid paying a hefty price. You can also discuss the mileage with the car rental company to get a better deal. Make sure the car you are renting is not going to upgrade soon. You don't want to spend on a vehicle that will be outdated in a few months. Always tell your budget to the agency so they can provide you with the best option.

Renting a Vehicle on a Yearly Basis

Things You Should Not Do When Renting a Vehicle on a Yearly Basis

If you have a family of three or four, don't go for heavy vehicles such as an SUV. You may think that you need a bigger car to accommodate everyone. However, the deals of SUVs are quite high and you can easily have a sedan without compromising on comfort and money. Make sure that you are not taking a quick decision on the basis of a short road trip you are planning to go on. Select a vehicle that is best suited for your daily use as you can always exchange or upgrade the car if you plan to take a road trip.