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CBS International is providing a wide range of business services in Dubai that will help you to economize your business activity and assures to lead your business at its peak. CBS International is a supreme solution to your business problems. We pursue a high profile in contributing to business concerns of beginners and support them to penetrate in the business world of Dubai and UAE from start to finish.

How We Help Our Clients

Dealing clients at our earliest, is our top priority, we hear from them and provides with the best of suggestions according to the circumstances. Strike when the iron is hot is actually what our firm is doing since ages for the clients by letting them know when and where to make prompt decisions. We apprehend how crucial it is to initiate a business and then to take it to success. Constant efforts along with strong commitment are required for this purpose.

We have expertise in assisting our clients in specific and particular issues that arise during a business activity and we do this through a group of specialists. We are competent to understand what our client demands for the expansion of their business without bringing any additional expenditure to them. We possess a master squad that impassions with what we offer to our clients and endeavors to achieve the goals of our clients. Seven Yachts is one of our projects and they can confirm our experience, now it is a huge success in the yacht rental business. Our team provides you with the template that shows gradual increase in the growth of your company. No matter, if you are an alien in the business world or an established organization we acquire what you need from us. We are here to serve you with an economical provision that will help to diminish and decrease the operation budget and other expenditures of your company. We are highly skilled in making our clients aware of or familiar with the inspirational and stimulating and always changing situations of the place that is considered as the business hub in the current era.

Dubai does not possess favorable business conditions for all. If you are willing to enter into the business world of Dubai, let CBS International help you in understanding the actual market condition and the chances of making profit in Dubai. When you are done with this activity, the experts will suggest you a time when the chances of risk will be lowest and you can appear in the business industry of Gulf. We appreciate if you come up to us for being an opportunistic tycoon and enjoy the advantages of settling business into the UAE market. Keeping in view the least expenditure of the money that is saved for some better cause, we keep an eye on every move that you wish to make to enhance the profits of your firm.

Business Solution

CBS International is well-known for its hands-on experience approach. We are a high profile company that has helped several businesses to settle down in the main streams of Dubai & UAE. We offer a complete package of corporate and financial solutions to our clients and make them aware of the upcoming opportunities. We are providing our lawful and licit services to the residents of UAE.

  • Business Set up & Company Formation

    We provide all types of Business set up & company formation requirements to the industry players by cost effective solutions.

  • Sponsorship Services

    Getting Sponsorship for the businesses is no more hurdle as we have inhouse facility for the local sponsorships.

  • LLC & Other Legal Consultancy

    Getting your legal consultancy does not need an additional consultant as our we have a seperate team all time ready for the same.

  • PRO Services for Corporate Clients

    No more hiring PRO or resources as our PRO experts will fullfill the needs at your dooorsteps round the clock with just a phone call.

  • Trade License & Trademark Registration

    Getting trade licenses & registering your trademarks to secure your propreritiaries is full proof with our unmatched Vault services.

  • Documentation & Visa Arrangements

    We have a highly expertise team for all the documentations & visa arrangments for family & employees to give ease of the requirements.

  • Labor & Immigration Services

    No more standing in Queues as both labor & immigration services are catered by our professionals to relieve you from all hazzles.