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Who is an orthodontist?

Who is an orthodontistNot everyone has their dental structure i.e. the tooth alignment in the correct form. This might be due to inheritance or any other causes such as excessive use of pacifiers or thumb-sucking etc. which do not allow the teeth to grow in a proper manner. This way, ultimately the natural shape and alignment of the teeth gets destroyed and hence, needs a professional medical treatment to get it fixed. This is where the job of an orthodontist starts who is an expert in this regard and possesses skills which help in getting the teeth properly organized. The procedure for altering the dental structure mainly involves installing braces which are artificial plastic aligners to hold the teeth in a particular position for the specified period of time. Although the procedure has become very common and is being practiced by a lot of the expert professionals, some people still fear to go for it because of the meaningless assumptions which they hear from the inexperienced social circle. Moreover, people who decide to visit an orthodontist and get their teeth in shape are also usually unaware of what happens at the first visit at an orthodontist’s.

Hence, it is essential to remain prepared for what future holds for them at the primary visit to the best orthodontist in Dubai and what should be expected out of it.

Things to know before, during, and after visiting an orthodontist


  • Although the procedure feels a bit soar, it is certainly not painful at all. For people with increased sensitivity, it is suggested to inform the dental hygienist beforehand to remain aware of the possible reactions.
  • The different types of the braces available in the current era do not appear ugly and can also be hidden with the help of useful yet harmless techniques.
  • Make sure to attain a guarantee from the orthodontist to remain satisfied throughout the treatment without judging his/her professional capabilities.


  • Visit a professional orthodontistThe orthodontist will inform you about the precautions that are necessary to take in terms of food consumption. For example, crunchy, sticky, and hard food items should be avoided or cut into small pieces before eating.
  • Teeth’s cleaning is another thing which needs a little bit of effort on a daily basis. The plastic aligners with brackets and wires allow tiny food particles to get stick to it. For this reason, follow the instructions given by the hygienist for tooth brushing and flossing on a regular basis.


  • After the braces are fixed on the teeth, the orthodontist will have to keep a regular check on balance on the progress. For this purpose, he/she will call after every 4-6 weeks to replace the aligners with the new ones or adjust the position of the first one.
  • When the timeframe is completed, the braces will be removed after approximately 2-3 years. However, the sensitivity of the teeth remains a little more than usual because of which food intake should be done with caution.

In order to avoid further complications, keep visiting the orthodontist to ensure that everything is going smoothly according to the set plan by the professional.